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Challenge or opportunity? China Resources Power sets its sights on hydrogen energy

2020/7/2 0:00:00705

In order to adapt to the new trend of global energy development and enhance green competitiveness, China Resources Power, a leading domestic energy company, has begun to focus on hydrogen energy.

On July 2, 2020, Hou Yongjie, Vice President of China Resources Power Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "China Resources Power"), led a team to visit the Jiading headquarters of Shanghai Shunhua New Energy System Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai Shunhua"). Both parties A seminar and exchange meeting was held, and the meeting was chaired by the chairman of Shanghai Shunhua.


China Resources Power and Shanghai Shunhua communicated at the seminar

About China Resources Power

China Resources Power is a Hong Kong-listed company under China Resources Group. It is one of the most efficient and profitable integrated energy companies in China. It has been selected as one of the "Platts Top 250 Global Energy Companies" and "Forbes Top 2000 Global Listed Companies" for the 13th consecutive year. , the business involves wind power, thermal power, hydropower, photovoltaic power generation, distributed energy, electricity sales and comprehensive energy services, coal and other fields.

About Shanghai Shunhua

Established in 2004, Shanghai Shunhua is one of the hydrogen energy companies with the longest history and the strongest expertise in China. At the seminar, China Resources Power consulted Shanghai Shunhua on "transformation to the field of hydrogen energy, development space, hydrogen production and storage methods, advantages and disadvantages" and other questions. Shanghai Shunhua answered them and planned a hydrogen energy blueprint.

Hou Yongjie, vice president of China Resources Power, is very optimistic about the prospects of the hydrogen energy industry. He said: "The development of the hydrogen energy industry will have great significance for my country's green and low-carbon energy reform and national energy security."

Why choose hydrogen energy?

As a leading domestic and internationally renowned comprehensive energy company, why should China Resources Power focus on hydrogen energy?

1. Diverse sources

The production methods of hydrogen are diversified: coal, oil, natural gas and other fossil energy reforming, biomass thermal cracking or microbial fermentation and other methods; coking, chlor-alkali, iron and steel, metallurgy and other industrial by-product gas; electrolysis of water, etc.

2. Green and low carbon

Whether it is hydrogen combustion or through the electrochemical reaction of fuel cells, the product is only water, which truly realizes low-carbon or even zero-carbon emissions, effectively alleviating the greenhouse effect and environmental pollution; at the same time, the generated water can continue to produce hydrogen and be recycled repeatedly.

3. Flexible and efficient

The calorific value of hydrogen is high (142KJ/g), which is 3-4 times the calorific value of fossil fuels such as coke and gasoline of the same quality; at the same time, hydrogen can also become a bridge connecting different energy forms (gas, electricity, heat, etc.), and Complementary with electricity, it is a medium for cross-energy co-optimization.


4. Relatively high security

Hydrogen has the characteristics of low ignition point, wide range of explosion and large diffusion coefficient; the proportion of hydrogen is much lower than that of air, and the diffusion coefficient of hydrogen is 12 times that of gasoline. It is much higher than gasoline and natural gas; it is safe and controllable in open space, and the leakage law in confined spaces such as tunnels and underground parking lots needs to be studied.


It can be seen that China Resources Power's awareness of deploying hydrogen energy in advance is the proof of its long-term vision and careful consideration.

How will hydrogen energy change the energy system?

1. Optimizing the energy structure

As a secondary energy, hydrogen can be produced from fossil energy, thereby improving the utilization rate of primary energy such as coal and improving the quality of the supply side; hydrogen can also be produced by electrolysis of water, which increases the flexibility of the power system and helps to achieve multiple The optimal allocation of quality energy across regions and seasons forms a sustainable and highly elastic energy complementary system.

2. Improve energy security

The large-scale application of hydrogen energy and fuel cells can greatly reduce my country's dependence on oil and natural gas in the field of transportation.

3. Promoting the Energy Revolution

As an energy interconnection medium, hydrogen can be produced by electrolysis of renewable energy, realize large-scale energy storage and peak regulation, couple the power grid and gas grid, effectively solve the problem that electricity is not easy to store for a long time, realize the collaborative optimization between different energy networks, and promote clean energy development.

4. Tackling climate change

Hydrogen can help direct the flow of large amounts of renewable energy from the power sector to end sectors such as transportation, industry and buildings, enabling deep decarbonization and improving environmental quality.

Challenge or opportunity?

Although hydrogen energy has many advantages, its bottleneck still cannot be ignored. At present, the challenges faced by the hydrogen energy industry are mainly due to high costs, low technology accumulation, imperfect policies and regulations, and unestablished industry order. These problems require everyone in the industry to work hard to study and cooperate to make breakthroughs.

But whether this is a challenge or an opportunity, China Resources Power is still firmly taking the first step on the road to hydrogen energy. It is believed that in the future, "they are brave in transformation and reform, and willing to pioneer and innovate", they will definitely go further.


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