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FCVC2020 Professional Forum Report September 14th

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On September 14, 2020, the 5th Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell Conference was grandly held at the Shanghai Automobile Convention and Exhibition Center. The conference includes a 1-day plenary session and 4 professional sub-forums. The two sub-forums on September 14 are the application and promotion of fuel cell technology in the field of commercial vehicles (sub-venue 1) and the redefinition of future-oriented automotive hydrogen energy supply. System (Breakroom 2).


The meeting was presided over by Mr. Miao Ping, Assistant to the Dean of Beijing Low-Carbon and Clean Energy Research Institute and Director of the New Energy Center.

The theme of sub-venue 2 is "Redefining the future-oriented vehicle hydrogen energy supply system". The meeting focuses on the future-oriented hydrogen energy production, storage and transportation vehicle hydrogen energy supply chain, focusing on renewable energy and vehicle hydrogen energy. The vision and development path of supply system integration; focus on forward-looking and hot technologies in the field of hydrogen energy storage and transportation such as natural gas pipelines, liquid state and cryogenic high pressure, and redefine the vehicle hydrogen energy supply system for different future demand scenarios. Appreciate hot technologies such as liquid hydrogen stations and forward-looking concepts such as intelligence and multi-function; pay attention to technological development and cost breakthroughs of key components; demand-oriented and moderately advance to promote the coordinated development of hydrogen-station-vehicle.

Below is an overview of the guest presentations:

Analysis on the development trend of on-board hydrogen storage technology


Zhang Cunman, Director, Institute of Fuel Cell Composite Power Supply, Tongji University

Mr. Zhang Cunman gave a speech on the background, classification, advantages of IV bottles and hydrogen storage methods of vehicle-mounted hydrogen storage systems. Mr. Zhang Cunman concluded that there are several conditions for truly satisfying vehicle applications: the first one should be simple and reliable. The second density should be high, whether it is volume or weight, it should be relatively high. The third security must be high, the fourth cost must be low, and the cost of mass production must be reduced.

Liquid hydrogen fuel life cycle technology and challenges facing China


Li Qing Researcher, Institute of Physics and Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Mr. Li Qing's speech focused on the prospects of hydrogen systems, the characteristics and challenges of liquid hydrogen fuel systems, and the progress of liquid hydrogen technology research and development in China. Mr. Li Qing concluded that hydrogen is an ideal energy source, but it needs to be considered from the whole life cycle; hydrogen energy is huge, and technologies at all levels need to be improved. In recent years, there have been some major breakthroughs in the core technology of liquid hydrogen in China, including hydrogen liquefaction, storage, transportation, etc., but in fact, compared with other technologies of hydrogen energy, domestic investment and output in liquid hydrogen technology The results are relatively small, and I hope that enough attention will be paid to enable the healthy development of my country's hydrogen energy construction.

Hydrogen transport in a renewable energy environment


Detlef STOLTEN, Director, Institute for Techno-Economic Systems Analysis, IEK-3, Jülich Research Center, Germany

Mr. Detlef STOLTEN gave a presentation on the way of hydrogen energy transport in a renewable environment.

From renewable energy to green hydrogen energy


Peng Lixin, Vice President of Cummins


Tuesday Zhuan, China Electric Power Research Institute, Chief System Architect

Mr. Peng Lixin believes that renewable energy is gradually entering the life of ordinary people, and the future development space is huge, but its intermittent and instability have become a bottleneck that increases the difficulty of grid consumption. Green hydrogen has broad market potential to become the best solution for the integration of source, network, load and storage.

Mr. Zhuan on Tuesday believed that "PEM hydrogen production" can break the bottleneck of renewable energy development and provide low-cost green hydrogen.

Large-scale water electrolysis technology


Eduard HOPFAUF, Head of Product Design, ThyssenKrupp Uhde Chlorine Engineering (Shanghai)

Mr. Eduard HOPFAUF introduced: ThyssenKrupp Wu is currently the best group in the world for electrolyzed water, and now there are more than 200,000 electrolysis units in production.

Mr. Eduard HOPFAUF concluded that ThyssenKrupp Wu, as the market leader in electrolysis, can supply about 1G MW per year for the entire supply chain. At the same time ThyssenKrupp has an optimized design, optimized hydrogen and oxygen processing units.

Recent Development of Shell Hydrogen Energy


Chen Zhaonan, General Manager of Shell Hydrogen Asia Pacific

Mr. Chen Zhaonan introduced the recent development of Shell's hydrogen energy, including his thoughts on the development of my country's hydrogen energy industry, and shared some of Shell's experience in overseas cultivation for many years.

Mr. Chen Zhaonan said that Shell Hydrogen Energy is very optimistic about my country's potential, and hopes to contribute to the vigorous development of my country's hydrogen energy development, and to build a safe, low-carbon and sustainable hydrogen energy system with various industry partners.

Exploration and discovery of hydrogen production from offshore wind power


Yu Hui, Director of Research Institute of Wind Energy Professional Committee of China Renewable Energy Society

Mr. Yu Hui mainly introduced the development status and trends of global offshore wind power, the situation of domestic and foreign projects combining offshore wind power and hydrogen energy, and the relevant policies for hydrogen production from offshore wind power.

Mr. Yu Hui concluded that the development of an industry is inseparable from the support of industrial policies. As an industry association, the China Wind Energy Association is willing to cooperate in related promotions.

Embracing the Hydrogen Era: Tactics and Countermeasures of the Iron and Steel Industry


Rao Wentao, Technical Director of Hydrogen Energy, Baowu Clean Energy Co., Ltd.

Mr. Rao Wentao mainly introduced the power of Baowu Qingneng to enter hydrogen energy, the role of hydrogen energy in the steel industry, and the source of hydrogen. Mr. Rao Wentao said that hydrogen is the basic energy in the future. Baowu Qingneng believes that: vehicle fuel cells are currently hot, stationary and vehicle hydrogen energy is still a blue ocean. Green hydrogen, renewable energy power generation plus water electrolysis, and large-capacity energy storage technology will be the future development direction of hydrogen energy.

Proton exchange membrane electrolysis of water for hydrogen production


Yu Hongmei, Research Fellow, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Research Team Leader of High Efficiency Electrolysis Hydrogen Production

Ms. Yu Hongmei introduced the attention to green hydrogen at home and abroad, the current situation of electrolytic hydrogen production and the work focus of the institute.

Key Technologies of Liquid Hydrogen Hydrogenation Supply Chain


Jimmy LI, Director of Hydrogen Energy, North American Research Center, National Energy Group Low Carbon Institute

Mr. Jimmy LI shared the liquid hydrogen hydrogenation industrial chain technology for everyone. He concluded that hydrogen energy and battery energy will exist at the same time, and liquid hydrogen has advantages in transportation and filling, but still need to consider cost, and technical solutions for liquid hydrogen hydrogenation need to be considered.

The sub-forum of the conference was hosted by the China Society of Automotive Engineers (Cnina SAE) and the International Hydrogen Fuel Cell Association (in preparation) (IHFCA). More than ten hydrogen energy industry experts from universities and enterprises delivered wonderful speeches at the meeting. More than 200 people attended the meeting.