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2024,04,23 Tuesday

FCVC2020 sub-venue direct hit: focus on four types of hydrogen storage bottles

2020/9/14 0:00:00743

The 5th International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Vehicle Conference (FCVC), hosted by the Society of Automotive Engineers of China and the International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (in preparation), arrived as scheduled and was grandly held at the Shanghai Automobile Convention and Exhibition Center from September 14th to 16th. . The FCVC Conference attracts the attention of the industry with its internationalization, authority, professionalism and forward-looking characteristics, and has become an annual event for international and domestic policy makers, experts and scholars, business leaders and industry elites to discuss the development of the industry.

This year's conference and thematic sub-forums attracted nearly 1,000 guests from more than 300 institutions and enterprises in vehicle, energy, fuel cell stack and system integration, core components and raw materials, and hydrogenation facilities. During the same period, the scale of the technology exhibition reached a new high, with an area of 10,000 square meters. The exhibits covered the entire industry chain of hydrogen energy and fuel cell vehicles. More than 120 companies from home and abroad participated in the exhibition, including more than 15 vehicle brands.

On the morning of September 16, at the sub-forum on the theme of "Fuel Cells and Key Components", many experts and entrepreneurs focused on the technological development status, safety requirements and relevant standards and regulations of Type 4 hydrogen storage cylinders for vehicles, and Craftsmanship and technical points, etc., have made suggestions.

Gu Chunlin from the Special Inspection Institute: "The Development Status of Type Four Hydrogen Cylinders for Vehicles in my country"


Gu Chunlin, the person in charge of the four-type bottle testing business of China Special Equipment Testing Research Institute, made a report entitled "The Development Status of my country's Vehicle-use Type-4 Hydrogen Cylinders", and discussed the development of domestic vehicle-use Type-4 hydrogen storage tanks. progress, basic requirements for safety and security, and related testing and testing. Gu Chunlin believes that due to the late development in China, some foreign patents need to be bypassed in the development process of the four-type bottle, which has certain difficulties.

Gu Chunlin pointed out that the Type IV bottle was actually used in China in the 1990s. It was used as a vehicle-mounted CNG bottle at that time. However, some accidents occurred later. The regulatory authorities felt that the technology was not particularly mature, so they banned this kind of system from being used in vehicles. domestic use. In recent years, domestic hydrogen energy has been raised to the level of strategic energy, and the country attaches great importance to it. The demand for Type IV bottles is also becoming more and more urgent. A number of national key R&D plans in recent years also involve the development and safety prevention and control of Type IV bottles. At present, the domestic vehicle-use four-type hydrogen cylinder has entered the trial production stage, and the cylinder industry committee has also issued a draft for "Automotive Compressed Hydrogen Aluminium Liner Carbon Fiber Full Winding Gas Cylinder".

Type IV bottles for vehicles belong to special equipment in China and have great danger. Their production and use need to be managed in accordance with the regulations and standard system of special equipment. Corresponding inspections and tests must be carried out before the vehicle type 4 hydrogen storage bottle is put on the market, such as the compatibility test of the inner tank, the hydrogen cycle test, the gunshot test and the fire test.

Sinoma Science and Technology Meter Width: 70MPa Type 4 Hydrogen Cylinder Technology Discussion


Mi Kuan, chief engineer from Sinoma Technology Co., Ltd., made a presentation entitled "70MPa Type 4 Hydrogen Cylinder Technology Discussion"

"Report. The application and technical status of the 70MPa type-4 hydrogen storage cylinder for vehicles are discussed, and the development and production of the 70MPa type-4 hydrogen storage cylinder for vehicles of Sinoma Technology Co., Ltd. are introduced.

Mi Kuan believes that the Type 4 bottle is more suitable for use in passenger cars than the Type 3 bottle. He pointed out that the main suppliers of the 70MPa Type 4 hydrogen cylinder in the world are all from abroad, such as Hexagon, Toyota, Iljin, Quantum and Bioo. The domestic type IV bottle is still in the research and development stage, and there is no batch product. The foreign four-type bottle has been used in many models, such as Toyota Mirai, Hyundai NEXO, Mercedes-Benz GLC F-CELL. Mi Kuan also pointed out that the development process of the domestic four-type bottle needs to avoid some foreign patents.

Mi Kuan believes that the development process of the 70MPa Type IV bottle should pay attention to the following key technologies: the selection of the liner material and the molding process of the liner, the performance of the liner material and the stability in the production process, the design of the bottle mouth, and the selection of the composite layer material. , Valves and TPRD and other accessories, gas cylinder certification must meet international standards, etc.

PIO Investments Xu Feng: Industrialization of Type 4 Hydrogen Cylinders and PIO's China Plan


Xu Feng, director of China's new energy business development from Bioo, gave a report entitled "Industrialization of Type 4 Hydrogen Cylinders and Bioo's China Plan". In the report, the products and research and development status of Type 4 hydrogen cylinders of PIO were introduced, and the material selection and manufacturing process of the plastic liner were discussed. Xu Feng believes that the type 4 hydrogen cylinder is the future development trend of fuel cells, and hopes that the company will work with Chinese partners to jointly develop the type 4 hydrogen cylinder.

It is worth mentioning that FCVC2020 is the first time for Bioo to participate in an exhibition in China. The company is from France and is a first-tier supplier specializing in auto parts. Last year, its global sales reached 72 billion yuan. The company established an R&D center in Wuhan in 2016, and the hydrogen bottle prototype production line is now ready, and will build a hydrogen test facility in 2021. The company has already certified dozens of Type 4 bottles and has produced thousands of Type 4 bottles in total. Its latest technology has received R134 and EC79 certification and will target the bus, truck and passenger car markets.

Xu Feng pointed out that the material and manufacturing process of the plastic liner are the key to ensuring the performance of the Type 4 hydrogen bottle, and compared with the Type 3 bottle, the Type 4 bottle has the advantages of long life, light weight, high production efficiency and potential for cost reduction. Therefore, he believes that the four-type bottle is an ideal technical means for fuel cell vehicles.