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2024,04,23 Tuesday

Artificial intelligence + hydrogen energy, 1+1=?

2020/9/22 0:00:00750

Artificial intelligence (AI technology) and hydrogen energy are both representatives of emerging industries. What will their cooperation model be like? Today, we will have the honor to witness the first cooperation between AI+hydrogen energy+logistics and the infinite possibilities of AI+hydrogen energy.

On September 22, 2020, Zhixing Time and Space-AI Shining Hydrogen Energy Logistics Intelligent Road Forum was held at Shanghai Anadi Hotel. The forum was guided by Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology and Shanghai Changning District People's Government. Hosted by Energy Utilization Engineering Technology Research Center and Green Transportation Special Committee of Shanghai Society of Transportation Engineering, organized by Shenlan Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Shunhua New Energy System Co., Ltd., Director of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology Wu Jincheng, and Mayor of Changning District, Shanghai Wang Lan delivered a speech.


▲Wu Jincheng gave a speech

Wu Jincheng said that clean energy represented by hydrogen energy has become an ideal energy source recognized at home and abroad.


▲Wang Lan delivering a speech

Wang Lan said that hydrogen energy, as a green, clean and efficient clean energy, is a major strategic direction for China's energy and power transformation.

At the signing ceremony of the tripartite cooperation agreement for the AI Hydrogen Panda Intelligent Logistics Vehicle, DeepBlue Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. signed a tripartite agreement with Jiushuang (Shanghai) New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. and Zhongtong Express Co., Ltd.

The three parties will cooperate with each other in the fields of matching, operation and marketing of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, construction of hydrogen refueling stations, and artificial intelligence empowerment.


▲Three-party contract

At the signing ceremony of the cooperation and co-construction agreement on the integrated data management platform for hydrogen energy artificial intelligence applications Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Shunhua New Energy System Co., Ltd. signed a five-party agreement.

The agreement will empower hydrogen refueling stations and hydrogen fuel vehicles through artificial intelligence, and use AI algorithm technology as the basis to realize regional monitoring and early warning monitoring, automatic identification of hydrogen refueling vehicles, automatic destaticization of vehicles, intelligent hydrogen refueling and refueling. The automatic update of the hydrogen data center, etc., will finally realize the mutual linkage of information among the hydrogen refueling area, hydrogen storage area, office area, and hydrogen fuel vehicles.


▲ Five parties signed a contract


▲Chen Haibo, founder of Shenlan Technology and founding president of Shenlan Academy of Sciences

Chen Haibo said that as an artificial intelligence company with both software and hardware, the self-driving panda smart bus released earlier by DeepBlue Technology based on completely independent intellectual property rights is the first and currently only positive design in China and has been announced by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. At the same time, DeepBlue Technology also has deep accumulation in the development and design of the whole vehicle. The artificial intelligence vehicle control system technology based on the perception of the external environment can be used according to the external temperature, climate, up and down slopes. , wind speed, road conditions and other conditions to adjust the vehicle's power consumption, power output, etc. in real time, effectively improving the efficiency, and can be used in Panda buses, Panda logistics, sanitation vehicles, large robots and other equipment. The first vehicle AI system released this time will further empower the industry to become intelligent.


▲ Gao Dingyun, Director of Shanghai Hydrogen Energy Utilization Engineering Technology Research Center and Chairman of Shanghai Shunhua New Energy System Co., Ltd.

Gao Dingyun introduced the development prospects of China's hydrogen energy market, Shunhua's application achievements in the field of hydrogen energy, and the challenges of hydrogen energy to help the transformation and upgrading of the energy structure. He said that hydrogen energy has been deployed in my country for a long time, and the strategy is becoming clearer and clearer.


▲Zhao Xu, Vice President of DeepBlue Technology

Zhao Xu introduced DeepBlue Technology's AI hydrogen energy panda logistics vehicle control model. He said that to improve the efficiency and life of fuel cell vehicles, the biggest focus is on the engine. Artificial intelligence can replace human perception, and can even do better than humans, greatly improving efficiency.

Roundtable Dialogue 1: ""AI + Station Linkage" Helps the Hydrogen Energy Industry Advance, High-Tech Plays the Safety Card

The dialogue was chaired by Gao Dingyun, director of Shanghai Hydrogen Energy Utilization Engineering Technology Research Center and chairman of Shanghai Shunhua New Energy System Co., Ltd., and focused on "hydrogen fuel is safer and more environmentally friendly", "AI adds safety points to hydrogen fuel logistics vehicles" and The three themes of "Smart Hydrogen Refueling Stations Are Safer and More Efficient" were launched. The speakers were Zhao Xu, Vice President of Shenlan Technology Technology, Pei Fenglai, Doctor of Shanghai Motor Vehicle Inspection Center, and General Manager of Shanghai Qingneng Heruiz New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Relax.


▲The scene of the round table meeting

Zhao Xu said that the hydrogen refueling station is an important part of the industrial chain, and the intelligent identification of the video of the hydrogen refueling station through artificial intelligence will greatly improve the efficiency of safety inspection.

Pei Fenglai said that the automatic classification of data combined with artificial intelligence will provide a good solution for the work of the testing center.

Zhang Chi said that there are many points of integration between autonomous driving, artificial intelligence and hydrogen energy. The accumulation and analysis of data based on artificial intelligence to make predictions will effectively improve the safety of hydrogen fuel vehicles.

Roundtable Dialogue 2: "Logistics Industry Tests "AI+Hydrogen Energy", 1+2=? 》

The dialogue was chaired by Gao Dingyun, director of Shanghai Hydrogen Energy Utilization Engineering Technology Research Center and chairman of Shanghai Shunhua New Energy System Co., Ltd., and discussed the promising prospects of AI + hydrogen energy + logistics. The dialogue guests were Wang Qi, Director of the Business Innovation Department of the Development Research Center of ZTO Express Group, Wang Zhe, Professor of Tongji University, Editor-in-Chief of Guangzhou Hydrogen Energy Planning, and Zhao Xu, Vice President of DeepBlue Technology.


▲The scene of the round table meeting

Wang Qi said that logistics enterprises are the key application scenarios of hydrogen fuel vehicles. Hydrogen fuel vehicles have many characteristics such as quietness and fast refueling, but the industry still needs to work together to promote the construction of hydrogen refueling station infrastructure.

Wang Zhe analyzed the newly introduced policy of replacing subsidies with rewards. He believed that this policy has raised the entry threshold of the industry and will promote the process of hydrogen commercialization. At the same time, he believes that urban commercial vehicles are the best development prospect for hydrogen fuel vehicles.

Zhao Xu introduced that massive data mining must rely on artificial intelligence, and DeepBlue Technology has an inherent advantage in this regard.

As early as 2019, Premier Li Keqiang pointed out that China is actively implementing an innovation-driven development strategy, accelerating the development of emerging industries such as artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, and hydrogen energy, and providing a better market environment for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements.

However, the application of artificial intelligence in the field of hydrogen energy was still a blank before. This is the first cooperation between an artificial intelligence enterprise and the hydrogen energy industry, creating a milestone in the deep integration of hydrogen energy and artificial intelligence.

Open the road to logistics intelligence

The logistics industry is testing hydrogen energy logistics vehicles for the first time, applying artificial intelligence technology deep neural network and optimal control of fuzzy control to fuel cell system MPPT, and deeply combining AI technology and fuel cell system control strategies to provide hydrogen energy logistics vehicles. More energy-saving + longer-distance solutions solve the biggest pain points such as engine efficiency, life, and cruising range.

It is understood that the system can increase the maximum power of the fuel cell engine by 20%, increase the life of the fuel cell engine by 15% under logistics conditions, and increase the cruising range by 20%. (The data comes from the news publisher)

With the help of AI + hydrogen energy, the future of logistics intelligence is promising.

Create a safer and more efficient smart hydrogen refueling station

The new generation of intelligent hydrogen refueling station uses the AI management and control system of the hydrogen refueling station to comprehensively improve the management, service and operation efficiency of the hydrogen refueling station, realize unmanned operation while operating safely, reduce costs and increase efficiency. The intelligent hydrogen refueling station is fully equipped with the most advanced artificial intelligence technology in the world, which can be embedded with artificial intelligence technologies such as gas ultrasonic safety unmanned monitoring, vehicle safety identification, automatic unmanned hydrogen refueling, facial or MPG payment, vehicle management and dispatching platform, etc. Labor costs, more effectively improve safety and standards

Empower train, station and gas linkage to accelerate the construction of Shanghai Hydrogen Corridor

Artificial intelligence technology will inevitably bring a new model for hydrogen refueling stations and hydrogen energy vehicles, and provide a smarter, more efficient and safer linkage method for stations, stations and gas. The new linkage method will accelerate the construction of the Shanghai hydrogen corridor, and Further radiate the Yangtze River Delta region and help my country's hydrogen energy industry take off.

Of course, the cooperation between artificial intelligence and hydrogen energy does not stop at logistics. "AI + hydrogen energy" has huge potential and infinite possibilities. Under the deeper integration, "dual energy" will inevitably burst into even more amazing energy .