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Contributing to Hainan's clean energy strategy, the completion of the Boao Hydrogen Refueling Station, a key project of the State Power Investment Corporation

2021/4/16 0:00:002050

On April 16, 2021, the opening ceremony of the Boao Yinfeng Hydrogen Refueling Station built by the State Power Investment Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "State Power Investment") was held in Boao Town, Qionghai City, Hainan Province.

The hydrogen refueling station is one of the key supporting facilities of SPIC’s Boao Hydrogen Energy Transportation Demonstration Project. It is highly valued by the Hainan Provincial Government, Qionghai Municipal Government and State Power Investment Corporation, and has played a role in promoting the construction of a clean energy island. The starting point for the development of the hydrogen energy industry.

The SPIC Boao Hydrogen Transportation Demonstration Project is the only hydrogen energy cooperation project during the Boao Forum for Asia in 2021. It is a cooperation consensus reached after the high-level meeting between SPIC and Hainan Province. This project fully demonstrates the hydrogen energy of SPIC The technological and industrial strength embodies the responsibility and leading role of SPIC on the road to achieving carbon neutrality goals.

The leaders of the State Power Investment Corporation personally coordinated the deployment. With the strong support of the Provincial Foreign Affairs Office, the Provincial Market Supervision Administration, the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, the Qionghai Municipal Government, and the State Power Investment Hainan Company, Shanghai Shunhua New Energy System Co., Ltd. ( Hereinafter referred to as "Shunhua New Energy", the construction of the Boao Yinfeng Hydrogen Refueling Station was completed on time, with quality and quantity, and personnel with years of operating experience were dispatched to provide hydrogen refueling guarantee services. As the first hydrogen refueling station in Hainan Province, Boao Yinfeng Hydrogen Refueling Station filled The gap in the replenishment of hydrogen energy in Hainan Province has been eliminated, and a safe and convenient energy guarantee for the sustainable development of the hydrogen energy industry in Hainan Province.

The station has a daily hydrogen refueling capacity of 500kg/d, equipped with unloading, pressurizing, filling, replacement and cooling devices, which can meet the hydrogen refueling demand of 20 35MPa fuel cell tourist buses per day.


Hydrogen refueling station

In order to ensure a safe, sufficient and compliant hydrogen fuel supply during the Boao Forum, Shunhua New Energy on the one hand coordinated hydrogen sources from outside the island to ensure the supply of hydrogen energy, and also cooperated with the Hainan Refinery and Chemical Plant's industrial by-product hydrogen project, providing a purity of 99.999. % (National standard 99.97% GB/T37244-2018) of high-quality hydrogen for fuel cell vehicles, which solves the problem of the source of high-purity hydrogen in Hainan Province and ends the history of Hainan Province’s “no hydrogen on the island”.

The hydrogen fuel cell high-end passenger car supporting the hydrogen refueling station uses the "Hydrogen" proprietary brand hydrogen fuel cell system developed and produced by the State Power Investment Corporation Hydrogen Energy Company. The Hydrogen Energy Company is fully responsible for the hydrogen fuel supporting the Boao Forum Hydrogen Energy Demonstration The production, delivery, licensing and operation of battery buses, vehicle use training, after-sales service, etc. are responsible for the safe operation of vehicles, fully demonstrating the technical strength of SPIC in the field of hydrogen fuel cells and hydrogen energy.


Hydrogen bus hydrogenation

It is reported that the energy development strategy of Hainan Province is: in 2030, the proportion of clean energy installed capacity will reach about 85%, and clean energy vehicles will replace traditional fuel vehicles.

As the first hydrogen refueling station in Hainan Province, Boao Yinfeng Hydrogen Refueling Station will not only provide hydrogen energy guarantee for the Boao Forum for Asia in 2021, but will also promote Hainan Province to achieve three first breakthroughs in the hydrogen energy industry: the first batch of hydrogen vehicle demonstration operations, The completion of the construction of the first hydrogen refueling facility will promote the construction of the partner’s first industrial by-product hydrogen charging station, laying the foundation for a clean, green, and low-carbon energy development strategy in Hainan Province.

The deputy mayor of the Qionghai Municipal Government of Hainan Province, the deputy general manager of the State Power Investment Corporation Hainan Company and other leaders, and the general manager of Shunhua New Energy and other senior executives attended the opening ceremony.