2024,04,23 Tuesday
2024,04,23 Tuesday

Jiading's industrial layout has fallen again: Shanghai's first hydrogen energy and fuel cell test base further enhances the concentration of hydrogen energy port industry

2021/5/24 0:00:00716

Recently, the Jiading Hydrogen Energy Port Project-Shanghai Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell Testing Center has entered an open tender. It is reported that after the completion of the project, the project will become the first in Shanghai to cover the basic functional performance, durability, environmental adaptability, EMC, safety, reliability, etc. of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, power systems, engines, stacks and other key components. A public service platform for third-party testing and R&D of hydrogen energy and fuel cells.

Highlight 1: Covering the whole industry chain evaluation, comprehensive support for R&D

It is reported that the platform project covers comprehensive functions such as vehicle evaluation, component evaluation, research and development, and hydrogenation. Regarding the vehicle evaluation, the project covers performance testing, hydrogen leakage testing, power system performance testing, electromagnetic compatibility testing and other capabilities. Regarding component evaluation, the project covers engine testing, stack testing, subsystem testing, environmental testing, mechanical safety and reliability testing, hydrogen power safety and reliability testing, etc. Regarding R&D support, the project covers R&D, development, small-scale production and assembly capabilities from related materials to parts. Regarding hydrogen refueling capacity, the project includes a hydrogen refueling station with a daily hydrogen refueling capacity of more than 1,000 kg, including 35MPa/70MPa dual-function hydrogenation facilities. Such a hydrogen energy platform covering almost the entire industrial chain seems to be the first in Shanghai. For fuel cell vehicle OEMs, auto parts R&D and manufacturing enterprises, scientific research institutions, and hydrogen energy infrastructure (including hydrogen refueling stations) construction and operation units, Both provide a good support and development opportunities. In Jiading, although many hydrogen energy and fuel cell related companies have also established hydrogen energy platforms before, most of the platforms are focused on the fuel cell side and have not been deployed in the entire industry chain.


Picture / Jiading Hydrogen Energy Port Project

Highlight 2: Industry agglomeration is further enhanced

A healthy and stable hydrogen energy ecosystem requires the benign operation of each link to form an interlocking and closely connected "ecosphere". At present, Jiading has initially possessed relatively complete supporting elements for the entire ecological industry, such as hydrogen energy and infrastructure, fuel cell vehicles, fuel cell power system platforms, fuel cells and other components. The establishment of a comprehensive service platform for the Shanghai Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell Testing Center will further increase the degree of industrial agglomeration, and give play to the important node and linking role of the evaluation and certification service platform in the initial stage of industrial development. This will effectively enhance the development of the hydrogen energy industry chain and promote hydrogen The energy and fuel cell vehicle industry is developing rapidly in Jiading.

Jiading District Government: The layout of the industrial chain has long been "foreshadowed"

The establishment of this platform not only provides more cooperation opportunities for hydrogen energy and fuel cell companies, but also reflects the vision and determination of the Jiading District Government to lay out the hydrogen energy industry chain and build a national hydrogen energy industry highland.

As early as June 2019, the "Relevant Opinions on Encouraging the Development of the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Industry in Jiading District (for Trial Implementation)" jointly issued by the Economic Commission of Jiading District, Shanghai and other 6 departments, proposed that high-quality enterprises should be encouraged to settle in Jiading (encourage the introduction of enterprises). Headquarters institutions or R&D centers, sales centers, etc.), support the reduction of production land and housing costs for enterprises, support the integration of upstream and downstream industries (carry out mergers and acquisitions and other activities for reorganization and integration), encourage enterprises and related institutions to establish national and municipal key experiments Functional platforms such as laboratories, inspection and testing, engineering technology research centers, innovation centers, etc., encourage companies to closely develop industry-university-research cooperation with universities and research institutes.


Picture / Jiading Hydrogen Energy Port Signed Project

Jiading Hydrogen Energy Port is located in the Huantongji area of Anting Town, Jiading. It was officially awarded the license in June 2020. At present, there are relatively complete supporting elements for the entire ecological industry such as hydrogen energy, fuel cells, fuel cell power system platforms, fuel cell vehicles, and infrastructure. According to the goal, by 2025, the annual output value of the entire industrial chain of Jiading hydrogen energy and fuel cell vehicles will exceed 50 billion yuan. Shanghai Jiading District Party Secretary Lu Fangzhou said that Jiading will fully support the first breakthrough in hydrogen fuel cell vehicle technology, research and development, demonstration, application and industrialization, and seize the commanding heights of the new energy vehicle industry.

It can be seen that the establishment of the platform is the result of the implementation of the policy, which reflects the deep understanding and far-reaching vision of the Jiading District and even the Shanghai Municipal Government for the hydrogen energy industry. It is reported that the Shanghai Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell Testing Center project will start construction at the end of July and will be completed by the end of 2022. With the further improvement of Shanghai's hydrogen energy industry, Shanghai will also take another step towards the "hydrogen energy demonstration city cluster".