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Horizon: the road to practice driving the future of hydrogen cleaning

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Jiangsu Qingneng New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Qingneng Co., Ltd.") started the R&D and production of fuel cells in 2003 and is an excellent supplier of high-power fuel cell stacks and systems in the world.

Qingneng Co., Ltd. advocates the energy transformation with hydrogen as the main carrier, masters the core technology of fuel cells, and has established a complete technology platform including fuel cell membrane electrodes, bipolar plates, stacks, hydrogen cycle systems and system control, and is committed to Promote the large-scale application of hydrogen fuel cells in transportation and electricity.

China Hydrogen Energy Network conducted an exclusive interview with Qingneng CEO Zhang Chi.

On June 8-10, 2021, the 6th International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Vehicle Conference (FCVC 2021) will be held at the Shanghai Automobile Exhibition Center. What are the core products and highlights of Qingneng's exhibition?

At this exhibition, Qingneng will launch an upgraded version of the stack and system based on the second-generation products:

VLS II Pro series stack

Product Description

VLS II Pro is an upgraded version of the VLS II series of stack products. Based on the VLS II, this series of stacks has improved the structure and performance of the product, effectively extending the service life of the stack. The maximum power of a single stack can reach up to 165kW, which is suitable for all kinds of medium and heavy commercial vehicles.


Optimize the production process of membrane electrodes and bipolar plates to further improve the overall performance of the stack

Single side air inlet and outlet structure, easy to integrate and maintain

Reduce the thickness of single cells and end plates, reduce weight, and increase overall power density

VL II Pro series system

Product Description

The VL II Pro series system integrates the VLS II Pro series stack and hydrogen cycle module independently developed by Qingneng. Compared with the VL II series system, the structure and performance of this series of products have been greatly improved. The power has been increased by 40% and 18% respectively.


The use of aluminum profiles and single-sided air inlet and outlet structures reduces pipeline connections and further improves the system's mass specific power

Self-developed hydrogen circulation module, no parasitic power, hydrogen return flow ≥2.2m³/min

Integrated CVM inspection module and DC/DC module

Stack and BOP adopt layered fixed structure, which is convenient for maintenance

It is understood that Qingneng shares focus on the commercialization of fuel cells and has a complete product line.What do you think is the difficulty of commercializing fuel cells? How did Qingneng shares overcome it?

Cost and technology are the main obstacles restricting the commercialization of fuel cells, and the two interact. Advances in technology will bring down costs.

Since its establishment, the company has taken fuel cell technology research and development as the foundation of life. Through a combination of independent research and development and overseas cooperation, it has gradually established the core materials of fuel cells (including MEA membrane electrodes, catalysts, and metal plates). , Graphite plates, GDL), fuel cell systems, distributed hydrogen production (hydrogen production by methanol reforming and hydrogen production by SPE electrolysis), and a complete technology platform including metal hydrogen storage.

In recent years, the company has continuously increased its investment in research and development, and the materials of the stack and the system have basically achieved localization, which has brought about an overall decline in product prices, and has made preparations for the realization of industrial scale and commercialization.


Qingneng shares fuel cell stack

As the company's CEO, what do you think is the primary financial focus of a fuel cell manufacturing company?

Since the industry is still in the early stages of commercialization, the entire industry is trying various business models and cooperation models. In addition to the difficulty of collecting money in the new energy vehicle industry as a whole, from a financial point of view, we are concerned about financial security There will be more attention.

In your opinion, for fuel cell manufacturing companies, which characteristics are preferred by the capital market and investors?

Companies with core technologies, active research and development, competitive products and strong upstream and downstream resource integration capabilities will be more favored by capital and investors.

Many schools, scientific research institutions, and companies at home and abroad are studying the iteration and replacement of proton exchange membranes and catalysts. However, most of the new technologies and new materials are at a very early stage. Do you think that the most immediate reduction of fuel cells? What are the key control points of the engine cost? In what price range do you think the market is more willing to accept?

The localization of core materials and components will significantly reduce the cost of fuel cell engines, and the rapid iterative update of technology will further reduce prices, such as the increase in engine power and power density.

In addition to the cost of materials, the reasonable price range also depends on the market demand. At present, the overall demand in the industry is still weak, resulting in higher prices for engines. With the advancement of technology and the scale of the industry, the price will naturally increase after the volume comes up. Come down.

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Qingneng shares fuel cell system

Finally, can you talk about Qingneng's understanding and practice of the phrase "driving "hydrogen" to clean the future"?

To shoulder the mission of energy transformation and create a safe, clean and sustainable future for mankind.

Over the past 17 years, we have been adhering to the development concept of "Start Small, Think Big". From the initial low-power air-cooled reactor to today's high-power water-cooled reactor and system, we have gone through hardships and created a precedent for many market applications, including education, Application scenarios such as aviation, trains, medium and heavy trucks, buses, buses, forklifts and power stations.

The future is here. On the road of restructuring the world's energy system, we are working with thousands of like-minded partners, and through our technologies and products, we are moving towards a "zero-carbon" future.


Powering The Hydrogen Age

China Hydrogen Energy Network Evaluation

As an excellent supplier of high-power fuel cell stacks and systems, Qingneng Co., Ltd. understands that "cost and technology are the main obstacles restricting the commercialization of fuel cells", and has continuously increased R&D investment to basically realize the localization of stacks and system materials , Update iterative technology and products. The stacks exhibited by FCVC this time have been greatly improved in terms of life, power and overall performance. I am very much looking forward to Qingneng's wonderful debut on FCVC.

In addition, Qingneng shares actively integrate upstream and downstream resources, and gradually establish a complete technology platform from fuel cell core materials, fuel cell systems, distributed hydrogen production and metal hydrogen storage. At the same time, Qingneng Co., Ltd. actively explored overseas markets and gained a lot. Its overseas subsidiary Hyzon Motors has good cooperation with Sojitz, Utrecht, NEOM and Hyundai Group, etc., to jointly promote the construction of global hydrogen energy ecology.

It can be seen that “driving “hydrogen” to clean the future” is the mission and vision that Qingneng has always implemented. We have reason to believe that Qingneng will move forward firmly on this road, and work with peers to move towards “zero carbon”. "s future.