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2024,04,23 Tuesday

Standing at the Opportunity Point of the "Double Carbon" Era | The Second Council and Special Committee of Shanghai Hydrogen Energy Center held

2021/6/4 0:00:001993

Recently, the Shanghai Hydrogen Energy Utilization Engineering Technology Research Center (hereinafter referred to as the "Hydrogen Energy Center") held a second council and special committee meeting at the Kerry Hotel in Pudong.


At the meeting, the members of the Hydrogen Energy Center discussed and decided on key issues such as development goals, rules and regulations, and organizational structure, and further clarified that the Hydrogen Energy Center "builds a professional public service platform that promotes the development of hydrogen energy technology, industry, and application." Positioning, the common vision of "building a national-level hydrogen energy comprehensive engineering technology research center with international influence" and "building a market-oriented ecosystem for collaborative innovation and development of government, industry, university, research and capital", and "hydrogen safety and The four priorities are hydrogen economic research, hydrogen standard construction and hydrogen ecological construction.

Ms. Ma Jidong, head of the Shanghai Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau’s Societies Management Office, has high hopes for the Hydrogen Energy Center. She believes that the Hydrogen Energy Center carries great missions and expectations, and has made great efforts in standardization and achieved outstanding results. Shanghai has played a leading role in the hydrogen energy industry.

She encouraged the Hydrogen Energy Center to be a "five platform" with "feeling, capable, responsible, responsible, and passionate" to look at and promote the hydrogen energy industry from a higher level.

She pointedly pointed out: "Energy can never be in a passive state. my country must have its own new energy pillar." However, the public still has a misunderstanding of "hydrogen safety". The Hydrogen Energy Center can solve this doubt from the technical level.

She also provided pertinent suggestions to the Hydrogen Energy Center: “Attach importance to the construction of laws and regulations, strengthen internal governance structures, maintain an inclusive and cooperative mentality with a sense of mission, strengthen talent introduction and retention, strengthen publicity and business development, etc.”

Mr. Liu Wenbo, a first-level investigator of the Innovation Service Department of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Science and Technology, pointed out: “The burden of scientific research personnel should be relieved. The platform should have a more flexible mechanism to allow scientific research experts to emancipate their minds, create and share value, and solve more problems for the hydrogen energy industry. Neck problem." He encouraged the Hydrogen Energy Center to be a pioneer in the industry. The board of directors must be brave enough to take responsibility and make decisions. Scientific research must be aggressive in order to discover and solve problems.


In the subsequent meeting of the special committee, the experts expressed their opinions and put forward many far-sighted suggestions:

1. Put the research on "hydrogen safety" in the first place, strengthen the safety assessment of hydrogen refueling stations, and form an assessment method. At the same time, carry out "hydrogen safety" related science publicity;

2. Focus on the research of hydrogen energy standards, and deepen communication with the government, to solve the problem of incoordination between hydrogen refueling station standards and policies;

3. The Hydrogen Energy Center is based in Shanghai and radiates to the Yangtze River Delta. It must firmly grasp Shanghai’s own advantages and focus on green hydrogen, in-station hydrogen production, electricity and hydrogen integration and other related research as the main direction. It can be gradually formed on the basis of scientific research pilots. Extensible experience, forge ahead towards the "National Hydrogen Energy Comprehensive Engineering Technology Research Center with international influence";

4. Stick to the original intention, always position itself as a "non-profit organization serving the society", adhere to the "objective, neutral, scientific, and rigorous" third-party platform attitude, and maintain the brand credibility of "professional, reliable, safe and innovative".

Finally, Mr. Xia Meixing, Director of the Psychological Department of the Hydrogen Energy Center, summarized the mission of the center:

"Dual carbon" is a rare opportunity in history. Standing at the turning point of the times, the hydrogen energy center should be steady, seek practical results, be guided by the needs of society and industry, motivate itself with "high standards and high requirements", and continue to develop and innovate. As a result, we will be able to leave our own traces in the history of the national energy revolution.