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Hydrogen power helps light travel | Anting Hydrogen Refueling Station helps FCVC hydrogen fuel cell vehicle test drive

2021/6/10 0:00:00814

The 6th International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Vehicle Conference (FCVC) was successfully concluded on June 10, 2021. This conference covers a wide range of products, and all kinds of hard core dry goods are dizzying. In addition to the 1 plenary meeting, 8 sub-forums, 2 international side events and technical exhibitions elaborately created by the conference, the hydrogen fuel cell passenger car trial held at the same time Taking a test drive, "Jiading Hydrogen Energy Port-Jie Hydrogen Technology Park-Anting Hydrogen Refueling Station" visit and exchange activities are even more beautiful scenery.


It is reported that there are five models participating in the test drive of hydrogen fuel cell passenger vehicles, namely: SAIC MAXUS EUNIQ7, Hyundai NEXO, FAW Hongqi H5-FCEV, Changan CS75 fuel cell passenger vehicle and GAC Aion LX Fuel Cell.

Passengers will drive a hydrogen fuel cell passenger car from the test drive point and pass through the Anting hydrogen refueling station to witness the entire hydrogen refueling process with their own eyes.

It is reported that the Anting hydrogen refueling station is also the only hydrogen refueling station designated by this FCVC conference, using "hydrogen" power to help "light" travel.


The vehicle arrives at Anting Hydrogen Refueling Station


The staff refuels the vehicle

The hydrogen is transported from the hydrogen source to the Anting hydrogen refueling station through a long tube trailer, and is pressurized by a hydrogen compressor and stored in the high-pressure gas storage tank in the station, and then the fuel cell vehicle is filled with hydrogen through the hydrogen refueling machine. It is understood that it only takes 3-5 minutes to fill a small car.


Hydrogenation machine

Anting Hydrogen Refueling Station


The Anting Hydrogen Refueling Station is the scientific and technological achievement of the National Science and Technology 863 project "Fuel Cell Vehicle High Pressure Hydrogen Refueling Station and Hydrogen Supply Technology Research and Development". It was completed in 2007 and is the first fixed hydrogen refueling station in Shanghai.

In order to scientifically manage the subject project and facilitate the evidence collection and commercial operation of the Anting hydrogen refueling station, at the suggestion of Professor Wan Gang, the dean of the School of Automobile of Tongji University at the time, the project company of the 863 project-Shanghai Shunhuaxin was established in 2004 Energy System Co., Ltd.

The station has been in safe and continuous operation for 14 years. It is the longest continuous operation time of hydrogen refueling station in China. It has formed a complete operation and management procedure, which provides an important basis for the formulation of national standards and regulations for hydrogen refueling stations in my country, and has commercial operation conditions. , Becoming a key infrastructure to ensure the development of fuel cell vehicles in Shanghai.

Hydrogen refueling station type: external hydrogen refueling station

Filling pressure: 35MPa

Storage pressure: 43MPa

Daily hydrogen supply capacity: 400kg

As of February 2021, the Anting Hydrogen Refueling Station has refueled approximately 120 tons of hydrogen, and has refueled more than 36,000 times. The operating data has been added to the data platform of the "Shanghai New Energy Vehicle Public Data Collection and Monitoring Research Center".


"Building a hydrogen society together" is not just empty talk on paper.

Only after personally driving a green and low-carbon hydrogen fuel cell vehicle and witnessing the safe and fast hydrogen refueling equipment can the public not "talk about hydrogen discoloration" and hydrogen can truly enter thousands of households.

This is also the original intention and common vision of the FCVC Conference, Anting Hydrogen Refueling Station and all hydrogen energy and fuel cell companies.

The development of hydrogen energy can not only be empty slogans, but also requires in-depth practice and personal experience.

No matter how beautiful the starry sky above your head is, you must be down-to-earth.