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2024,07,19 Friday

Interview | Mr. Li Weichun, Vice President of TüV Rheinland Global Power Electronics Product Services

2021/6/10 0:00:001612

At the 6th International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Vehicle Conference (FCVC 2021), TÜV Rheinland (hereinafter referred to as "TÜV Rheinland") Global Power Electronics Product Service Vice President and Greater China Solar Energy and Commercial Product Service General Manager Mr. Li Weichun accepted The China Hydrogen Energy Network and other media interviews.


Mr. Li Weichun, Vice President of TÜV Rheinland Global Power Electronics Product Services and General Manager of Solar Energy and Commercial Product Services in Greater China. More than 22 years of experience in product development, design verification, testing and certification of power electronics, energy storage, fuel cells, photovoltaic power generation, new energy vehicles, charging and swapping facilities, grid-connected technology, smart micro-grid and energy management. Served as a TÜV Rheinland Group authorized technical expert and visa officer, and a member of the expert group of the Global Technical Competence Center; at the same time as a director of the Zhongguancun Energy Storage Industry Technology Alliance; a chairman of the China Smart Energy Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance Standard Committee and a distinguished expert; China Fuel Cell Association Director and director of China Power Supply Society and other positions.

Compared with other certification bodies, what are the advantages of TÜV Rheinland in terms of technical services?

Li Weichun: We are very concerned about the technological innovation and application changes of the industry. We will actively participate in the early stage of the industry's development, and we will invest in the early participation, and will be deployed in the entire industry chain, not just a certain link of the industry.

Throughout the development of the industry, no matter what kind of twists and turns in the development of the industry, the ups and downs will not change our attention and participation. We will continue to develop with the industry because we believe in our judgments and decisions, and more Know our mission well.

At present, our investment in the hydrogen energy and fuel cell industry is not only at the system level, but also at the level of components, materials and core devices. For hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, in addition to the entire vehicle, we are studying the corresponding test methods and standards for fuel cell engines, fuel cell stacks, membrane electrodes, carbon paper and catalysts. In addition, we can provide corresponding testing and technical services for core components such as hydrogen refueling stations, hydrogen storage equipment, hydrogen storage tanks, valves, sensors, ejectors, ejectors, and circulating pumps, which can be said to cover Complete testing services for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Early participation, complete layout, long-lasting and in-depth research on industries and new technologies are the characteristics of our company's technical services.

If domestic enterprises want to go global or develop better in China, what issues should they pay attention to when choosing a certification body?

Li Weichun: Brand positioning determines choice.

What we can see is that the needs of companies vary greatly. Some companies just want to get a certificate, deal with a certain order, and deliver a delivery; while some companies are focused on an industry rooted in the industry, meticulous work, long-term layout, the pursuit of brand value and quality commitment, have a vision, Have a sense of responsibility and mission. Different positioning, different choices.

TÜV Rheinland adheres to the concept of German quality localization services, and is committed to providing customers with accurate and appropriate technical services, providing customers and their products with safety and quality assurance. Through our technical services and testing certification, we help companies to base themselves in the local area and focus on A wider market, so that it is sold globally.

TÜV Rheinland’s one-stop technical solution

At the "Hydrogen Energy Utilization Safety Standard System Construction" sub-forum of the FCVC (2021) conference, Mr. Li Weichun also gave a speech on the topic of "Providing Safety and Quality Assurance for the Whole Industry Chain of Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cells". He said, “TÜV Rheinland’s services cover green hydrogen, hydrogen production from renewable energy, hydrogen storage and transportation systems, hydrogen refueling stations, valve pipelines, sensors, hydrogen-related high-pressure parts, fuel cell vehicles, fuel cell engines, fuel cell stacks, fuel Battery power generation systems, supply chain services, etc. will contribute to the industry’s key technological breakthroughs, core components and material development, industrial chain system construction, and norms and standards formulation."


About TÜV Rheinland

TÜV Rheinland has begun research on the application of hydrogen energy and fuel cell technology 20 years ago. It has successively established technical teams or laboratories in Germany, Japan, the United States and China. The current technical service capabilities cover all aspects of the hydrogen energy and fuel cell industry chain. In particular, there are mature technical solutions and experience in renewable energy hydrogen production, hydrogen storage, hydrogen refueling stations, hydrogen-related laboratories, hydrogen circulation systems, fuel cell stacks, fuel cell engines, and fuel cell power generation systems.

TÜV Rheinland hopes to use its global resource network and technical expert team to contribute to the healthy and orderly development of China's hydrogen energy and fuel cell industry, breakthroughs in key technologies, development of core components and materials, construction of industrial chain systems, and formulation of norms and standards. Promote the rapid improvement of the technical level of the entire industry chain and accelerate the industrial application, ensure the safety and quality of the entire industry chain of hydrogen energy and fuel cells, and help the industry to flourish.