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2024,05,26 Sunday

Interview | Mr. Tao Zhi, Vice President of Linde Greater China and Head of Hydrogen Energy Business

2021/6/10 0:00:001262

At the 6th International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Vehicle Conference (FCVC 2021), Mr. Tao Zhi, Vice President of Linde Greater China and Head of Hydrogen Business, accepted an interview with China Hydrogen Energy Network.


As one of the world's leading industrial gas and engineering companies, what technical reserves does Linde have in the field of hydrogen production, especially green hydrogen?

Tao Zhi: Linde’s technical reserves in Green Hydrogen include PEM water electrolysis hydrogen production technology.

The industry's recognition and application of green hydrogen requires a gradual process. In the future, Linde will do more work to introduce this technology to China for application and promotion. Linde can not only produce green hydrogen, but also transport hydrogen safely and efficiently by land or other means, continuously meeting the needs of more scenarios.

Regarding the curtailment of electricity, such as offshore power generation, is it feasible to convert the curtailed electricity into green hydrogen?

Tao Zhi: In response to this phenomenon, people have proposed a variety of solutions to use abandoned electricity, including on-site energy storage or hydrogen production. At present, the industry is still constantly exploring more mature models and solutions, and I believe the country will further promote the solution of such problems.

Under the current background of carbon peak and carbon neutrality, what challenges and opportunities will Green Hydrogen encounter in the domestic development?

Tao Zhi: At present, many cities have made active investments to promote the application of clean energy, such as promoting the use of clean energy for buses, freight transport, etc.; in the field of energy storage, many companies are also making technological breakthroughs; in addition, the industry has Methods such as pipeline hydrogen mixing are also being demonstrated and implemented. In order to help achieve the carbon peak and carbon neutral goals, Linde is also constantly exploring suitable solutions in the direction of green power and renewable energy.

Mr. Tao Zhi also introduced Linde's abundant gas technology applications.

Tao Zhi: Linde has a very rich gas application technology that can meet the gas needs of different types of customers.

Before engaging in hydrogen energy in China, Linde did a lot of work to meet the needs of many industries in China, including hundreds of different applications such as steel chemical industry, food, electronics, non-ferrous metals, and heat treatment.

As a professional gas company, Linde not only provides gas products, our gas technology also penetrates into many fields. For example, the use of hydrogen to reduce iron, no longer coking; such as the hydrogenation process in the chemical process; in addition, there are applications in food oil, electronics and other fields.

Linde has advanced technology and equipment, market experience and professional service capabilities throughout the entire hydrogen energy industry chain, among which hydrogen energy vehicles are an important target area. In the hydrogen field, Linde will focus on a series of key special projects to ultimately help customers achieve their goals.

At present, under the background of promoting the realization of carbon peak and carbon neutrality, Linde is also actively connecting with steel mills to provide them with carbon emission reduction programs. In addition, Linde is also discussing and implementing carbon capture solutions with chemical plants and power plants, and continues to contribute to the realization of the "dual carbon" goal and the creation of a sustainable future.

About Linde

Linde is one of the world's leading industrial gas and engineering companies. Its corporate mission is to be lean and productive, to benefit the world, and to help customers achieve greater success with high-quality technology, services and solutions, while protecting the earth Make it sustainable.

Linde’s end markets cover many industries, including aerospace, chemicals, food and beverages, electronics, energy, healthcare, manufacturing, and primary metals. The industrial gases produced by Linde are used in various fields-from oxygen used in hospitals to high-purity and specialty gases used in the electronics industry to hydrogen used in clean energy. At the same time, Linde also provides a series of cutting-edge gas treatment solutions to support customer business development, improve efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.