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2024,03,04 Monday

For the first time! The hydrogen energy project won the first prize of science and Technology Award of China Renewable Energy Society

2021/12/23 14:24:213024

China Hydrogen Energy Network news:

Recently, China Renewable Energy Society announced 27 science and Technology award winners, and 3 hydrogen energy projects were shortlisted for the first prize for the first time, respectively:

1. The "Key Technology and Equipment of Compression, Storage and Refueling of High Pressure Hydrogenation Station" project completed by Shanghai Shunhua New Energy System Co., LTD. (Hereinafter referred to as "Shunhua New Energy") and Tongji University won the first Prize of "Technology Innovation";

2. The project "Preparation Technology and Application of Low Platinum and High Efficiency Fuel Cell Membrane Electrode Module", jointly completed by Wuhan University of Technology and Wuhan New Energy Company, won the first prize of "Technical Invention".

3. The project of Liquid Solar Fuel Synthesis, completed by Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, won the first Prize of "Technical Invention".


Hydrogen projects are emerging

From China renewable energy institute's website (http://www.cres.org.cn/index.html) that "science and technology awards" since 2019, according to the review from the calendar year winning projects is not hard to find: the number of hydrogen power projects, awards level rising year by year. In 2021, the key Technology and Equipment of Compression, Storage and Refueling of High Pressure Hydrogenation Station became the first hydrogenation station related project in the history of science and Technology Award of China Renewable Energy Society.


About China Renewable Energy Society (CRES)

China Renewable Energy Society (CRES) was founded in September 1979. Is engaged in new energy and renewable energy research, development and application of science and technology workers and the relevant units of voluntary and registered in accordance with the national, academic and non-profit community groups, involved in solar photovoltaic and thermal field, wind energy, biomass energy, hydrogen power, ocean energy, geothermal energy and gas hydrate, grid-connected, etc., It is a member of the International Solar Energy Society, the International Hydrogen Energy Association and the World Wind Energy Association, with more than 4000 members at all levels. It has provided consultation and suggestions for major technical and economic decisions in the field of renewable energy in China for many times. It is one of the most influential academic groups in the field of renewable energy in China.

About science and Technology Award of China Renewable Energy Society

(Science and Technology Award)

"Science and technology award" initiated by the Chinese renewable energy society, set up to undertake, and rewards in the field of science and technology of new energy and renewable energy units and individuals that have made outstanding contributions in including technical invention, progress prize in science and technology, technology innovation, industry promotion, public welfare nature), for science and technology.

(1) Technological Invention Award

Awarded to inventors who have developed important technological inventions such as products, processes, materials and systems in scientific and technological research in the field of new and renewable energy. Innovative technical thinking, major technological innovation, technical and economic indicators have reached the international advanced level of similar technologies, have a significant role in promoting the technical progress in this field, and have produced significant economic or social benefits, can be awarded the first prize;

(2) Science and Technology Progress Award, Technological Innovation Category

In scientific research in the field of new energy and renewable energy, scientific research achievements of important scientific value and recognized by the scientific community have been discovered or elucidated with the characteristics and laws of natural phenomena, or technological achievements, processes and systems that have put forward innovative ideas and have been widely recognized by the industry; Those with major technological innovation and great technical difficulty, whose overall technical level and main technical and economic indicators have reached the international advanced level, have been widely applied, have achieved great social, environmental and economic benefits, and are of great significance and role in promoting economic development and social progress, may be rated as the first prize;

The judges must have rich professional knowledge, be familiar with domestic and foreign scientific and technological developments in the field of new energy and renewable energy, have senior or higher professional titles or equivalent positions, be fair, fair, practical and realistic, serious and responsible good professional ethics, and attend the whole evaluation meeting. No more than 45% of the total applications are awarded each year.

Hydrogen energy will play an important role in achieving peak carbon neutrality

In October 2021, The State Council issued the "Carbon Peak 2030 Action Plan", which mentioned "renewable energy" and "hydrogen energy" for dozens of times. The Plan proposed to vigorously implement the replacement of renewable energy on the premise of ensuring energy security, and accelerate the construction of a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system. In the field of hydrogen energy, we need to speed up r&d and demonstration application of hydrogen energy technology, and explore large-scale application in industry, transportation and construction.

The increasing number and grade of hydrogen energy projects in the Science and Technology Awards is not only an upgrade of hydrogen technology and application from qualitative change to quantitative change, but also an indispensable proof of hydrogen energy's role in renewable energy and carbon neutrality.

In the near future, we are confident that we will witness the moment when hydrogen energy will shine.